Eura Mobil 576 MS

You can rent this autohouse in Montenegro! The motorhome is built on the meringue of the Mercedes Sprinter, it has a diesel engine and an automatic gearbox. The residential module itself is designed for 4-5 beds. Seats equipped with seat belts - 4. There is a built-in bio-toilet and a shower.

Niewiadow 126

The compact trailer of the Polish manufacturer Niewiadow allows you to pull it even with a compact car without category E! The fiberglass body of this trailer dacha does not flow and does not rot! The trailer has 2 sleeper, gas stove, sink, cabinet. Heating is electric, without blowing up. Rolling brake, double glazing.

How to load the trailer?

The load inside your trailer must be placed evenly so that the center of gravity is above the axle (if there is one) or between the axles of the trailer. Forward shifting the center of gravity will cause undue stress on the hitch and the entire rear of the car, reducing the traction of the steered wheels to the road. Offsetting back will raise the back of the car, which will degrade traction on the rear wheels.

How does a gas cooler work in a camper?

In motorhomes and motorhomes, absorption-type refrigerators are used. The refrigeration unit in them represents a closed system with a continuously repeated cycle of evaporation of ammonia from the ammonia water solution, and then its reverse absorption by this, but already depleted, solution with heat removal through the evaporator from the refrigerating chamber.