Time of Troubles give birth to great people. Perhaps this is how you can define the history of the creation of the German company Truma, the famous heating gas equipment and air conditioning systems for mobile homes, caravans and trailers.

It all started in Munich, back in 1949. The founder of the corporation, Philip Krais, understood the consequences of the post-war period and was very sensitive to the problems associated with the lack of artificial lighting. Gasoline and diesel stocks were exhausted, but another source of fuel remained - liquefied gas. On its basis, the future entrepreneur develops compact lamps, which he begins to sell to private consumers and educational institutions specializing in evening courses for young people.

Things are going so well that on October 27, 1949, Krejs registered the trademark "Truma" in honor of US President Harry Truman. Philip admired this politician, especially his contribution to the restoration of Germany.

Already in the 50th year, the founder registers the first patent, which describes the technology of creating a lamp that works on all types of flammable gases.

And after 5 years, the production of lamps becomes massive. The first model was the "55th", still known around the world. Its features were a membrane heat-resistant valve and a pear-shaped form with a special light diffuser.

Later, the membrane was improved to a high-speed rotary valve suitable for gases, compressed air and liquids.

The origin of automotive heating systems

The beginning of the 60s was marked by another technical breakthrough - the Truma-matic systems for heating caravans, motor homes and caravans. The peculiarity of installations is their complete autonomy. They are independent of power supply, easy to use and completely safe due to a closed system with a thermoelectric regulator.

The Trumatic gas stove, producing up to 3.5 kW of energy, has become a significant model for Truma.

But she was good only for large caravans. A little later, Phillip Kreis developed the compact and economical SD 2000 and SB 1800.

At the same time, active work is underway to design warm air distribution systems. The result of the development was a blower that operates both from the mains and from the battery. The design was completely modular.

The milestone of the late 60s was the emergence of a fully automated system for switching between the main and reserve gas cylinders. The technology was named Duomatic, and was further improved to Truma Duo Control. Since then, it is almost mandatory for caravans and motorhomes.

Opening of a consultation center and new developments

Truma products are becoming so popular in Germany that Phillip Kreis decides to establish a customer service center in 1972. Here they receive expert support, expert advice, advice on equipment maintenance. At that time, the service was unique, and therefore quickly became popular.

At the same time, TÜV (Technischer Überwachungsverein, German organization for technical control and equipment supervision) introduces a mandatory inspection of caravan gas heating systems every 2 years. Truma's customer department advises consumers, is responsible for inspections and issuing certificates for successful maintenance.

In the second half of the 70s, Truma launched the first-of-its-kind water heater for mobile homes operating on the basis of a gas heater. The invention instantly becomes a hit among campers. In the early 80s, the system "evolved" into a boiler, allowing you to take a hot shower on the road.

In step with progress

The beginning of the 90s was marked not only by the collapse of the USSR and the unification of Germany, but also by the emergence of revolutionary products from Truma. In 1994, the company introduced the Trumatic C miniature universal heater, capable of simultaneously heating air and water. A compact device almost revolutionizes the world of mobile homes, and therefore becomes one of the key options when creating trailers and caravans.

The company is also expanding to the UK. In 1997, a subsidiary company, Truma UK, was established to manufacture and service German products throughout the United Kingdom. In the same year, the Swedish company ALDE, which produces heating systems for caravans on a liquid heat carrier, is part of Truma.

1999 was the key year for the brand. At this time, the company represents the first mover - a system for maneuvering caravans without a car. The electronic unit allows you to control the trailer without a car using the remote control, without any problems sending it to the parking lot.

Then the first branded air conditioner for cooling the air in the warm season was born. After 7 years, it is transformed into the Saphir Vario system - the lightest, quiet and powerful in its class.

Recent achievements

Progress does not stand still, but because Truma regularly updates popular and iconic heaters. So in 2007, the successful in all aspects of the device Trumatic C (over 500,000 units sold) was replaced by Truma Combi. Included with the heater is another innovative development - Frost Control, an automatic water discharge valve that responds to changes in temperature.

After a couple of years, the light saw an updated Mover R mover with a more powerful and quiet engine. At the same time, the company enters the Chinese market, conquering new markets.

In 2010 - another revolution, the Crush Control valve is responsive to acceleration and shutting off the gas supply in case of an accident. It is installed in DuoControl CS and MonoContriol CS pressure regulators. With this system, it becomes possible to safely heat the caravan on the go. A year later, Truma Aventa, the first model of the Truma air conditioner.

2013 - the opening of subsidiaries in the United States and China. A year later, the first worthy competitor to the Suburban American boiler, Truma AquaGo.

2015 - Alexander Utrikh (grandson of Phillip Kreis) becomes executive director of Truma. The company launches a new product iNet - a system that allows you to control the heater, air conditioning and (from 2017) to view the level of gas in the cylinder through a smartphone.

In 2019, the company celebrated an impressive 70th anniversary. Truma is still the leading enterprise setting standards in the camping market, caravans and caravans. Their products are ahead of their time, extremely easy to use and works like a clock. Well, do not forget about the legendary German quality - the calling card of the esteemed Phillip Kreis.

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