Airstream and the Gifts of Nature

For three months already, one of the first commercial projects in Russia with a trailer from Airstream - a van with hot food “Gifts of Nature” is rolling around Moscow. The gifts of nature are a joint venture of the supplier of Russian farm products LavkaLavka and the restaurant Delicatessen. The idea of ​​the project is simple - to sell "off the wheels" delicious and healthy fast food, made only from farm products. In Europe and America, this type of business has existed since the construction of the first vans, and in our country, by virtue of legislation, it is proposed as an exception to the rules by savvy people with "connections". For this, Airstream international 534 was driven from Europe in a special "diner" version. The menu of the moving Airstream restaurant varies depending on the location (hot dogs, pizza, gazpacho, soft drinks, etc.), but everything is tasty and they say is useful. It should be noted that the project lives and develops, despite the large number of obstacles and features of such a business:

  • For example, the cost of a similar used diner on the basis of the Airstream 534 trailer with customs clearance and transfer to Russia will be more than 3 million rubles,
  • Officially arrange a company for the sale of food from the wheels in our country is impossible. But as always happens in Russia, people are looking for loopholes in the law. For example, the Gifts of Nature trailer is decorated as a summer terrace of the Delicatessen restaurant.
  • Endless complaints of residents of the house number 20 and the surrounding houses on the street. Trubnaya (where the Gift of Nature van functions now) on noise, din, a lot of rubbish that never stops in the evening, setting these people on a foodstuffs van of the hungry militia and prosecutor’s office.

On weekdays, the van Airstream is located on the street. Trubnaya d. 20 (he is rumored to be there until the end of October) and is ready to delight everyone with tasty fast food from farm products in the evening. On weekends, the Nature Wagon van travels to Gorky Park to lure young people with delicious smells and the aluminum covering of the Airstream trailer shining in the sun. Tramcar of Nature also takes part in various exhibitions in Moscow. The official page of the gift car of nature in facebook.

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