For filming and other events, Retrailer provides grimwagens for rent. The Grimvagen is a country house trailer or camper, equipped (or not equipped) with additional light and mirrors.

All Retrailer grimvagens have:

  • Dry closet;
  • Refrigerator (powered by 220V or gas);
  • Cooking stove (powered by gas);
  • Heating (powered by gas);
  • Hot and cold water (in the warm season);
  • Sink (in the warm season);
  • Dining-sedentary groups, transforming into sleeping places.

Grimvagen guaranteed to be:

  • clean inside;
  • fully serviceable;
  • with 1 gas cylinder filled 12 liters;
  • with a dry toilet filled with technical liquids.


  • Rent for 1 shift (12 hours) - 7 500 rub. / Shift;
  • Processing per shift - 500 rubles per hour;
  • Delivery and transportation to the place of rent (within the Moscow Ring Road) is free of charge.

Additional services:

  • Rent a gasoline generator, 3 kW - 3000 rubles per shift;
  • Delivery outside the Moscow Ring Road - 50 rubles / km.

Rent terms:

  • Recycling. Processing is taken into account when renting Grimwagen for 1 shift. When renting a trailer for 2 shifts or more, processing is taken into account only on the last day of rental, provided that the trailer will be at the filming location permanently or transported to the night stand by the customer.
  • Delivery. The cost of delivery and removal from the place of filming is calculated for 1 time for the entire time of filming. If it is required to take / bring the trailer to the location of the shooting every shift, as well as if delivery is required outside the Moscow Ring Road, the cost is negotiated separately. If the customer can pick up / bring the trailer from the Retrailer parking lot, the delivery fee will not be charged.
  • Gas. Grimvagen is completed with a filled gas cylinder of 12 liters. If in the process of renting you run out of gas, refilling the cylinder is at the expense of the customer and the customer.
  • Dry closet. Grimvagen is completed with a cassette dry closet with a capacity of 40 liters, filled with technical fluids. If in the process of renting the bio-toilet is filled, its cleaning and filling is done by the customer and at the expense of the customer.
  • Discounts. For long term rental, Retrailer offers discounts. Reserved individually.
  • A car tractor is not rented.

Watch the video: grimVAGEN (November 2019).


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